Monday, October 05, 2015

In My Prime

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I turn another prime number today, forty-one. I'd like to think I've lived mostly right up to now, but wouldn't everyone? I'd like to look back on a mountain of accomplishment, but having spent the past eleven years as a freelancer (writer, editor, blog admin, moderator, graphic designer, social media admin...), it's more like several dunes.

Coincidentally, last Tuesday, my friend John Ricotta and I went back to our alma mater, Hofstra University, for an evening poetry reading by Rowan Ricardo Phillips. A group of high school students was in attendance, and Phillips especially addressed them, jokingly calling himself old and crackly by comparison. On the contrary, his enthusiasm for poetry and life was clear.

One of the reasons John went was to bump into Erik Brogger, faculty advisor to Font, the student literary magazine we helped start in 1995. Brogger, in fact, came up with the name Font when none of our suggestions stuck. We ran with it, and I like to think we made it popular as Ian Fleming did the otherwise plain-sounding James Bond. It's been through a few phases since then, but it's still around.

Brogger, meanwhile, is retiring in the spring after twenty-eight years teaching. John and I were students just before he got tenure. Well deserved. He's going on to projects a teaching load wouldn't allow.

Reflecting, I realize I've retained my sense of wonder about much of the world. I believe solutions to most immediate dilemmas can be found by remaining agile in thought, keeping dialogues open. Inertia sets in when people think the way it's been for ages is the way it will always be. I believe in doing what I can, when I can, and always expanding what I can.

At The Five-Two: "Failure" by Charles Rammelkamp

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Rammelkamp returns with a morbid poem I thought perfect for back-to-school:

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I'm currently seeking new poems for mid-November and beyond. Thanksgiving and crime, anyone?

Monday, September 21, 2015

At The Five-Two: "Trophy Hunting"

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This week's poem by Robert Cooperman was inspired by the poaching death of Cecil the Lion:

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Friday, September 18, 2015


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A nor'easter uncovers the bodies of two girls gone missing from Paradise, Massachusetts twenty-five years earlier, bringing back a flood of memories for their friend Officer Molly Crane, and making their killers desperate to stay hidden.

As one might expect, Coleman seems more at ease in this, his second novel continuing Parker's Jesse Stone series. More impressive, though, are the tangible refinements: fewer viewpoints and locations than his first, Robert B. Parker's Blind Spot. These make Robert B. Parker's The Devil Wins the tauter tale that puts in sharper focus Coleman's gift for fleshing out characters.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Ray Daniel 3 Minutes From Live

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Up now at my virtual event space, Ray Daniel reading from Corrupted Memory, his second novel featuring hacker protagonist Tucker.

Friday, September 11, 2015


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Four years ago, I wrote that, with bin Laden's death, the anniversary of the September 11 attacks had a different tone for me.

This past May, I went to NYC for an Ace Atkins signing, bringing along my friends Andrew Carbone and John Ricotta. John works for Condé Nast out of One World Trade, and after the signing, he took us on an informal tour of the building.

It wasn't a dedicated stop by Ground Zero. We didn't pause long by the memorial pools, but it still made Andrew feel as if the attacks had happened days ago, not years. Like many, I'm sure, I have mixed feelings about the site. I wish the attacks had never happened, but the new building also attests to our recovery.